Screenwriters in Series

Who makes TV series? What’s their process? Where do they find inspiration?

Screenwriters in Series gives the public an inside look at screenwriting from the writers themselves, who discuss their background, craft and inspirations through real-life examples and popular series.

The intimate setting – a writers’ room with the classic diagram of story arcs – immerses the audience in the creative process.

1 – Clémence Madeleine-Perdrillat


2 – Sarah Farkas


3 – Alice Chegaray-Breugnot & Julien Anscutter


4 – Jérémie Galan


5 – Virginie Brac


6 – Noémie Saglio


7 – Julien Lilti


8 – Valentine Milville & José Caltagirone


9 – Déborah Hassoun

10 – Coline Assous & Mohamed Benyekhlef

The screenwriters interviewed

Clémence Madeleine Perdrillat

(Nona et ses filles)

Noémie Saglio

(Plan Cœur, Connasse)

Coline Assous & Mohamed Benyekhlef

(Ici tout commence)

Sarah Farkas

(Hors saison, Vortex)

Virginie Brac

(Engrenages, Cheyenne & Lola)

Jérémie Galan

(La flamme, Le flambeau)

Julien Lilti

(Hippocrate, Germinal, Oussekine)

Déborah Hassoun

(SKAM France, Je te Promets )

Julien Anscutter et Alice Chegaray-Breugnot


José Caltagirone & Valentine Milville



L’équipe technique


Sébastien Sort

Producteur exécutif

Benjamin Phuong Dung

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Antoine Carpentier

Chef décorateur

Patrick Durand

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Christophe Penchenat

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Stéphanie Dumesnil


Camille Durand-Rival