Established in 2016, TOE-The Originals Editions handles licensing for all our series, extending their universe to new formats (books, games, immersive activities, etc.) that enhance the audience experience and broaden people’s knowledge of the themes explored.

Secret Intelligence Atlas

The perfect guide to know everything about secret intelligence worldwide: 100 maps and infographics to discover the hidden face of the world, written by an expert in the field. From the whistleblower to the spy software which scrutinizes our daily life, let’s face it: spying is everywhere!

My investigation book

Lead an investigation with The Bureau heroes! Have you always dreamed of becoming a spy, an encryption expert or a cyber security specialist? With the support of The Bureau team, you will have to avoid the pitfalls, solve the puzzles and make the right choices to complete your very special mission. YOU will be the hero of this book full of riddles and dedicated to the 9-12 years old!

A dictionary of intelligence gathering

A dictionary of intelligence gathering brings together in one volume all the aspects of intelligence gathering: famous spies, intelligence agencies, special ops, techniques, specific idioms, and also associated literature, music, film, comic books, TV shows, cartoons, games and so on…
Dictionnaires espionnage2

The Bureau deciphered

The Bureau deciphered, by Bruno Fuligni, is a genuine spy manual. The book explains all the basics of the trade in 18 lessons. It takes scenes from the show as reference points to explore the true stories of real intelligence agencies. Ce livre explique les bases du métier en 18 leçons. Il s'appuie sur des scènes de la série pour y déceler toutes les références à des histoires vraies des services secrets.

Board game The Bureau

Welcome to the most secret of the secret intelligence services! This immersive and collaborative role playing board game will transform you into a spy, aiming to save all his/her secrets, within the famous The Bureau series plot.

Limited poster

As a completely unique project in France, these original creations draw from the universe and plots from all 5 seasons as 5 world famous artists each give their personal interpretation.

Deep game: The Bureau

Located in a hidden place of 300 square meters, right at the center of Paris, this Deep Game is a 2 hours long immersive adventure for 3 up to 6 players. It combines the best of The Bureau set with the best of escape gaming, immersive theater and action games.